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Peter Carlisle for Mayor 2012

Model City for Recycling

Peter’s goal is to turn Honolulu into a model city by increasing our recycling efforts. Honolulu produces more than one point five million tons of trash a year. Between H-POWER’s first and second boilers, and other recycling programs such as curbside recycling, composting and pelletization, more than 72 percent of our trash is currently being diverted from the landfill.

Most significantly, we are eagerly awaiting the H-POWER third boiler going online this year. It will be our most significant new alternative energy source. H-POWER will incinerate approximately three hundred thousand additional tons of trash per year for a total of nine hundred thousand. Each ton of trash burned at H-POWER is one less barrel of oil Honolulu has to import.

The H-POWER third boiler is important to recycling as well as to alternative energy. It will keep additional trash out of the landfill and bring us close to an 80 percent diversion rate.

O‘ahu recycling rates are above the national average and we rank fourth among the top cities in the country in landfill diversion. Our goal is ‘zero-waste’. While we aren’t there yet, that is the direction we are going.

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